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The Paluzzi family founded Falls Church Distillers with the goal of honoring their heritage

by producing premium craft spirits that appeal to the senses:

vista, odore, gusto!

The Church...

Falls Church Distillers is an award-winning distillery located in the Virginia suburbs just outside of the Nation’s Capital. As a uniquely licensed distillery, you are invited to stay awhile, enjoy some of our partner craft brews, seasonally varied libations and all in the craft environment that is a small batch distillery. 


The Core Family team...

My oldest son, Lorenzo, and I opened Falls Church Distillers to follow a heritage passion.  I grew up in the NorthEast part of the Country in a small town that was predominately populated by Italian immigrants whose customs do not only include great food and art, but also the making of wine and liquors.

Beyond the ethnic roots, I also had a family exposure to the retail environment and later, after a tour in the USAF (a family service tradition that I am proud to say my youngest son SRA Christian Paluzzi is currently continuing) where I was educated in computer communications, I applied those combined experiences and developed skills into a 35 year successful sales and management career.  Lorenzo has focused his education in chemistry.

Lorenzo and I have taken my lifetime of acquired business skills and experiences, added in Lorenzo’s chemistry knowledge, and applied them to the building of a craft spirits manufacturer. 

This progression to making uniquely smooth tasting spirits is a natural and common sense one if you consider a maturing and more discerning taste, market growth bell curve, and the opportunity to enter a burgeoning market opportunity at an amazing inflection point.


We hope you will stop by and check us and our spirit offerings out. We promise to do our best not to disappoint.

Founder, Michael Paluzzi

• USAF veteran
• U of San Francisco & Penn State Alumni
• 40 year sales and marketing executive in the high tech industry
• Grew and managed a $50M+ business
• WSET Level 2 certified
• Successfully completed Downslope Distillery distillation training
• Virginia ABC RSVP and MART certified
• ServSafe certified

Chief Distiller, Lorenzo Paluzzi

• Degree in Chemistry
• Internship experience with recipes and processes 5+ years

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