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Lift Your Spirits!

You will find our spirits served at bars & restaurants throughout Virginia & DC. Here's a few of our early adopters:

Clare and Dons
JVs Restaurant

Restaurant 2941
Park Hyatt (DC)
Dogwood Tavern 
Ireland's Four Provinces
William Jeffrey's Tavern
Crimson Whiskey Bar (Chinatown DC)
Blackfinn Ameripub
The Block
Greenhouse Bistro
You will find our spirits sold at:
Virginia ABC Stores.

If you don't see us on the shelf, just ask to special order:

750ml Bottles
Church Bourbon
Church Whiskey
Great Falls Gin
Frozen Falls Vodka
Frozen Falls Pepper Vodka

Ready-to-Drink (RTDs)
12 oz slim cans

Tart Cherry Mule
Virginia Lemonade

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